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If you are seeking Healthcare Travel Opportunities but are overwhelmed with the seemingly endless number of Healthcare Travel Agencies and unsure which of those companies is your best option, then the HealthCare Employment Network is your solution! We work with the country’s top Healthcare Travel Agencies and you can reach all of our clients by completing a application with the HealthCare Employment Network!

Completing a HealthCare Traveler Application gives you access to the top Healthcare Traveling Agencies in the country! There is no charge or obligation to you and your information is only shared with our HealthCare Travel Company Clients! Choose one of the disciplines below to complete your profile.

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What’s Different at the HealthCare Employment Network?

The HealthCare Employment Network only works with the top healthcare travel agencies in the nation.   These agencies have the largest network of healthcare facility clients and offer the best assignments and the greatest variety of locations and settings. They also offer the top compensation and benefit packages.

Completing our application and letting us generate a professional profile to send to our clients is free of charge and your profile is sent to our clients within 24 hours of when you submit your information to us! You know exactly where your information is going because all of our clients are represented by banners on our website. The profile is very comprehensive and includes a skills assessment checklist, preferences of where you want to travel, and also addresses the personal needs of the healthcare traveler such as whether you travel with a pet! That is an important piece of information for our clients to have when they are providing housing.

Once you submit the application, HCEN will send you a copy of your applicant profile for your records. You will also receive an email when your profile is presented to our clients.


You can spend hours researching and applying to healthcare travel agencies in your search to find the right travel position…or you can apply once and let us communicate your preferences and experience to the top healthcare travel agencies. We work with a limited number of healthcare travel agencies which means you won’t receive an overwhelming amount of calls and emails…only the best will reach out to you!

The healthcare field is changing constantly with new discoveries and breakthroughs. Each change requires additional training which adds to your skill set. We complete an annual update of our skills assessment check list to ensure that your new skills are communicated to our clients. There are new specialties and sub specialties created every year that require training and we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to highlight your continuing education in these new specialties when we present your profile to our clients.


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